Intro to Hollywood Smile & Veneers

A white, gorgeous smile means perfection, happiness, and confidence! Those who want to improve the shape and color of their smile can do so by undergoing a procedure called Hollywood smile, which recently gained incredible popularity, especially in Turkey.
Hollywood smile, also known as a smile makeover, is a name given to a group of procedures that improve the shape, color, and size of your teeth. Most people associate this procedure with “veneers”, which are ceramic wafers or shells that cover the teeth surfaces. However, dentists can also use braces, teeth whitening techniques, and dental crowns to get the wanted results.

Benefits of Hollywood Smile

A Hollywood smile can grant you brighter and amazing-looking teeth. In short, here is a list of the potential benefits that you can gain from this procedure:

  • 1
    Enjoy the gorgeous, white smile that you’ve always wanted!
  • 2
    Fill the gaps between your frontal teeth and enhance their symmetry
  • 3
    Spare yourself the risk of many dental issues and keep your oral health
  • 4
    Say goodbye to color changes, pigmentations, and undesirable stains
  • 5
    Enhance the alignment and uniformity of your teeth
  • 6
    Raise your self-confidence and feel refreshed
  • 7
    Feel like celebrities who you often see on magazine covers


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