Intro to Endodontic Treatment

The time has come to say goodbye to recurrent, annoying toothache! You can undergo endodontic treatment or a root canal to treat an infection at the center of your tooth.
People have associated root canals with pain and discomfort, but thanks to modern anesthesia techniques, root canal procedures have become virtually painless and a better option than a tooth extraction.
“Endodontics” is a dental specialty that deals with the inside of the tooth, including the root, pulp, and nerves. Each year, millions of people undergo endodontic treatment (root canal) to relieve toothache and treat oral infections. Such infections can result from deep decay or crack or chip in the tooth.

Benefits of Endodontic Treatment

People undergo endodontic treatment (root canal) because they want to save a badly infected or damaged tooth, which may result from gum disease, injury, tooth decay, or cracked fillings. Below are some of the important benefits that you can get from this procedure:

  • 1
    Relieve your toothache and treat your decayed or damaged tooth
  • 2
    Enjoy visually appealing results and boost your beautiful smile
  • 3
    Get an efficient and cost-effective dental treatment in the long term
  • 4
    Prevent tooth loss and inflammation of other adjacent teeth
  • 5
    Prevent jawbone degeneration and boost your oral health
  • 6
    Enjoy a painless dental procedure with a quick and easier recovery


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